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Plantation Rugs

The Plantation Rug Company has been weaving their passion into exceptional rugs since the 1930s. Rich colours and intriguing textures shine through the unashamedly tactile 2008 range. Each rug in the touchy-feely collection is hand-crafted in a choice of fibres and designs that provoke the senses. Ranging from the boldly abstract in turbo-charged colours, to elegant traditional themes with a subtle, modern twist.


What a Difference a Rug Makes!
Jane Molloy, interior stylist shares her trade secrets on how to give a room a whole new look, with the help of one rug.
The minimalist look is slowly becoming out of vogue. People are looking to add warmth to their home, so walls are being painted, floors are being covered and windows are being refreshed.
A simple and cost-effective way of updating any room is through the use of a rug. Rugs are so versatile, offering many shapes, sizes, colourways and designs to complement décor.
However, there are a few golden rules to follow:
Size does matter. Big rugs can look amazing or be completely overpowering and it’s often a very fine line. Be sure to measure up correctly – leave a very clear border, do not let a statement centre rug touch any of the walls. Equally a rug that is too small can look totally wrong. A great little tip is to find a rug you like, take the measurements and measure this out with masking tape on your chosen floor - this will give you a good idea on the size of the rug and how this will look in your room.
Colour Match. Far too many people are under the influence that everything in their home should match perfectly. It shouldn’t. A haphazard mix of colours and styles can be just as striking and sometimes even more so than a perfectly placed accessory. Choose bold, striking colours at opposite ends of the colour spectrum – like the picture above this dark burgundy and black rug complements the pale blue walls and gives a great, home sweet home feel to this bedroom.
Design. Think carefully about the design of your rug, there are some modern and abstract designs now available, but these shouldn’t be mixed with twee wallpaper and a nest of tables. Think about the whole look of your room before you choose a design. As a general rule, patterned rugs look good with plain walls and plain rugs work with patterned walls and curtains.
When you’re shopping for a rug, go with your heart,
not your head,fall in love with your purchase and you’ll never look back.

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A unique colour matching service in any shape or size, that guarantees a perfect partnership between your rug and your interior décor.


Bespoke interiors have traditionally been very expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone. However, Bespoke Plantation is a service that allows customers to pick a rug (from the Bespoke marked section) and choose any colour, any shape, any size and any style at no extra cost.
ANY COLOUR: Bespoke Plantation allows you to have a pure wool rug, in the colour of your choice. Therefore, colours can be matched identically to wallpaper, cushions, floorboards or even a favourite jumper.
ANY SHAPE: Rugs don’t have to be rectangle. Any shape - squares, circles even triangles are available at Bespoke Plantation. Choose the shape.
ANY STYLE: Plantation Jack, shown in traditional, patriotic colours doesn’t need to be red, white and blue. Bespoke Plantation gives you the flexibility of a designed rug, in the colours of your choice.
ANY SIZE: Measure your rug space and Bespoke Plantation can weave a made to measure rug that sits perfectly with the interior space.
A first for the world of rugs; Bespoke Plantation allows the customer to design a piece of flooring perfection at no extra cost.

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