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Ultima Twist Collection


The heart of Westex Carpets is our Twist range, with 120 colours in 8 different qualities.
Made from
80% WOOL 20% NYLON these carpets give a superb combination of performance and technical design. All these carpets are produced from fine 2 fold yarn to prevent pile reversal, giving improved appearance retention, recovery & resilience.
The Twist range offers 4 original
1/8th gauge twists and 4 satin 1/10th gauge twists. All are DOUBLE cropped for a smooth finish.
1/8th Gauge
Fontaine: The longest pile producing a slightly textured finish.
Major: Medium pile height with a high tuft density.
Ultima: Shorter pile height with a medium tuft density.
Penultima: The shortest pile height with a more open tuft density.
1/10th Gauge
Gold: The highest tuft density and pile to produce the finest possible twist carpet.
Talisman: A long pile height with a high tuft density.
Talana: Medium pile height and a high tuft density.
Trident: The shortest pile height with a good tuft density.
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Westend Velvet
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For richness, comfort and style the Westend Velvet range offers the ultimate in deluxe carpet with 3 qualities and 96 colours to choose from.
Made from
80% WOOL 20% NYLON, this softer spun carpet blend gives your house the ambience of the thoughtfully appointed home. Manufactured with 2 fold yarn the carpet will retain its appearance and resilience over a longer period than any singles yarn carpet.
The Westend Velvet range offers three deluxe
1/8th gauge velvets all DOUBLE cropped.
Westend Supreme
Tufted with the highest tuft density and long pile.
Westend Prestige
The same pile height as Supreme with a medium tuft density.
A lower pile height and a medium tuft density.
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Designer Stripe & Point

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The Designer collection offers 12 colourways in two design options to give universal appeal. Both designs are made from 80/20 WOOL NYLON using a fine 2 fold yarn, which gives improved appearance retention, recovery and resilience to prevent pile reversal.
Designer Stripe
A quality striped twist manufactured using subtly complementing colours.
Designer Point
A quality uncomplicated design manufactured using the same 12 colour ways as the Stripe.
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Luxury 100% Wool

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Any of the 100% WOOL COLLECTION will give that ultimate feeling of luxury to any quality home or other exclusive locations.
Available in contemporary colours in colour matched widths. All of the luxury collection is Stain Resist, anti-dustmite and mothproof treated to give added assurance.
A sumptuously rich carpet that combines beauty and wearability, to produce a carpet of unparalleled splendour.
A luxury velvet carpet made from 3 fold yarn. The structure of Troika provides a rich dense feel that is softened by the lush yarn.
A carpet to complement Troika, but using a 2 fold yarn to give an affordable combination of richness and wearability.
Ascot Saxony
A longer more open pile that produces a truly luxurious carpet. With its own 12 distinctive colourways and all the features and benefits of a Westex Carpet, this range is perfectly suitable for creating a lavish bedroom.

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When you consider the unique benefits of a Westex carpet, you can appreciate that Westex Carpets represents value for money.
The secret of durability is in the Westex 2 & 3 fold yarn. Standard carpet manufacturers rely on single yarn, but Westex only uses fine 2-fold and 3-fold yarns. The advantage of these yarns is they act like a spring to give superior quality, resiliance and durability, preventing pile reversal with enhanced non-crush properties.