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What does LRV mean?

LRV or ‘light reflectance value’ is a measure of how much light the products reflect. If it’s a very light vinyl or carpet it has a high LRV, and if it’s a dark material it will have a low LRV. The LRV values can be compared and so give a value for contrast between one and the other……..sorry if it sounds complicated!! If you need further info, give us a ring, or if you want to get technical:-

LRV values are determined with reference to the CIE Tristimulus Y109 Illuminant D65 and the 10° colorimetric observer, in accordance with BS8493:2008. The Y co-ordinate represents lightness and extends from 0 (black) to 100 (white) and has been used as a measure of light reflectance values (LRVs).

We’ve been advised to have nylon carpets, aren’t wool carpets better?

Well, for commercial use, in offices, schools etc, synthetic fibres are much harder wearing than wool. They not only last longer but will keep their appearance and colour. However, that’s not the only consideration. There are many carpets & tiles made from man made fibres and not all are the same. There are some really cheap polypropylene carpets which although are cheap, they don’t represent good value for money. They fade, flatten,stain, and generally give a poor performance. High quality fourth generation nylon fibres are super hard wearing, keep their colour, not fade or flatten and will last longer. In general if you pay £5.00 per square metre for a carpet you get a £5.00 carpet that will maybe last 12 months. If you pay £15.00 per metre you will get a carpet which will last 12 years.

For domestic use wool carpets are great. They look attractive, come in some fantastic colours, are warm underfoot and will easily cope with domestic life. Don’t be tempted to go cheap, as again they don’t perform.

Do you do wet rooms?

Yes of course, we recommend a consultation before you actually start work so that we can advise you of the best way to go about your project. Wet rooms need to be considered carefully at the pre build stage.

Can I have a logo in my new floor?

Logos are very popular with companies and schools promoting their image. Almost any design can be sonic or aquajet cut into vinyl or even carpet or matting. You can even have your own picture or design printed onto a carpet.

I am unsure about DDA, do I need a safety floor?

The Disability Discrimination act can be a minefield when it comes to floors. We need to risk assess your particular situation with regard to water spillage etc but you may not need a safety floor. Safety vinyl can be more expensive than standard vinyls and can be more difficult to keep clean, so if you don’t need it you could save some money.

Don’t carpet tiles curl up and skid about?

They used to when they were first introduced! Lots of people can remember the old Heuga Bistro tiles curling in someones kitchen. But now with modern tackifier type adhesives and excellent fitters (like ours) carpet tiles can be virtually indistinguishable from a broadloom carpet. Approx. 80% of all the carpeting we fit (other than fibre bonded carpets) is carpet tiles. They are practical, economical and can be extremely decorative. There is a carpet tile to suit every budget.

Someone fell on our staircase and we have been told that it needs nosings, are they expensive?

Not as expensive as a compensation claim! No one wants people to injure themselves, but people trip on staircases occasionally, and it may or may not be due to a badly maintained floorcovering. In our experience people who trip on stairs will look for a reason for it afterwards. We have a litigation culture so it is best to make sure it’s up to scratch. We can have a look and give you some free advice and a quote.

What do you recommend, laminate or the wood effect tiles?

Well, there are pro’s and con’s for either. Laminates usually need to be loose laid on an underlay so they can expand and contract. This means that there has to be a gap around the perimeter to allow for movement. You can either fit a scotia trim around the skirting, or remove the skirting and fit some new after the laminate is fitted. It can be tricky to get the laminate through door thresholds, and the scotia can look unsightly after a while. The vinyl tiles such as Amtico or Karndean have to be fully bonded to a sound subflor, and require specialist fitting (it’s definitely not a DIY job) but they don’t need to be fitted under a skirting or scotia trim. They are very durable and less noisy and clattery than laminates.

A cautionary tale!

Recently, we were called to a new build house that had laminates installed throughout the ground floor, lounge, diner, hallway, cloaks etc. The sofa delivery men dragged a nail across the lounge causing a nasty gouge in the floor. We were asked to do a repair but this is not possible on this type of floor. Consequently the whole kit and caboodle had to be lifted, skirtings removed, walls re-plastered new laminate fitted followed by new skirtings and redecoration. An absolute nightmare!! If it had have been Karndean we could have just lifted 4 tiles, job done!!!

Are workmen and fitters coming into school been DBS checked?

Yes, all of our fitters have had Enhance DBS checks for working in proximity to children and vulnerable adults.

Do you do sports floors?

Yes, we certainly do. We have vast experience in all types of sports flooring. Tarkett, Altro, Gerflor vinyl for sports halls. Artificial grass for football and cricket nets, Desso carpeting tennis courts. Basically anything you need, we can give you a specification for.

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