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Paragon Carpet Tiles is a UK manufacturer of design-led commercial carpet tiles, providing inspiring, modern flooring solutions that transform spaces.

Paragon’s commercial carpet tile ranges offer an almost infinite variety of modern colour combinations, textures and patterns, suitable for every kind of commercial flooring application.

They aim to ensure all commercial environments experience carpet tiles; making the most of their intrinsic design features, positive acoustic properties, environmental credentials, durability, comfort and simple maintenance.

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Mat.Works Entrance Solutions - Aluminium Primary


Mat.Works Entrance Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist entrance solutions.

The company are experts in providing primary and secondary entrance solutions specifically for heavy foot traffic areas. Its solutions include aluminium entrance products and a range of versatile modular matting.

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Paragon Carpet Tiles’ Design Loop collection is perfect for adding a touch of creativity to any project, providing inspiration for architects, specifiers and designers to add some flair to any space, no matter how large or small.

The Design Loop collection consists of the following ranges: Inspiration Collection (Cresta, Mesh, Greda & Phase), Vapour, Total Contrast, Strobe, Workspace Linear, Codec and Highlights. Each range with unique designs and characteristics.

With so many choices on offer, feel free to get in touch and we can guide you through what’s on offer.

Paragon Design Loop - Codec
Paragon Loop Pile - Diversity Groove


Paragon Carpet Tiles’ Loop Pile collection delivers a variety of flexible options for all those involved in every aspect of commercial flooring. From ‘Workspace Loop’ which is one of the company’s longest standing products, to ‘Diversity Groove’ which shows the potential of random lay carpet design.

Other ranges in this collection include: ‘Vital’, ‘Toccarre’, ‘Sirocco Stripe’ and ‘Macaw’.

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The Cut Pile collections delivers a comforting, luxurious and high-quality finish across any installation.

Included in this range is ‘Maestro’, a high-performance cut pile carpet tile that delivers a hint of luxury to any installation.What makes it so unique is its unrivalled colour range. Available in 36 colours, ranging from traditional greys and blues to vivid colours. The cut pile surface adds to the comfortable finish of any standard carpet tile – making Maestro the product to choose for that opulent installation.

‘Workspace Cut Pile’ has been developed to be used in conjunction with both Workspace Loop and Workspace Linear. The product is manufactured in the UK and has a heavy contract classification, which provides peace of mind for any commercial installations.

For more information on Paragon’s range of Cut Pile carpet tiles, get in touch with one of our specialists.

Paragon Cut Pile - Maestro
Paragon Luxury Commercial Vinyl - Duera


Paragon’s luxury commercial vinyl products feature a host of unique colours and finishes and are made to be paired with the company’s extensive range of commercial carpet tiles.

‘Rappórt’ brings together two textures… carpet tiles and luxury vinyl, in one design form. The 16 products feature unique colourways, patterns and finishes to create an exclusive selection that work with existing Paragon products.

At 2.5mm thick, it can withstand significant foot traffic. It works with underfloor heating, can be used with castor chairs and has a Bfl-s1 flammability rating.

The ‘Duera’ collection aims to bring the worlds of hard flooring and carpet tiles together to create more flooring design possibilities.

The 5mm depth provides a seamless finish against most existing carpet tiles, allowing designers to create spaces that can perfectly flow between hard and soft textures, eliminating the need for joins between the two and is perfect for commercial environments.

For more information on Paragon’s range of Luxury Commercial Vinyl, give one of our flooring specialists a call today on 0115 965 4555 or get in touch via our callback form.